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27 August 2019

Exercising Gives More Happiness than Earning Money

Exercising Gives More Happiness Than Earning Money

Workout is essential for our Body and Mind, It gives us as much Happiness as we earn. Yale of Oxford University's researchers has done a Research on 1.2 million People. It was found that daily Exercise gives more Happiness than Earning Money. 

According to researchers, This Happiness is equivalent to Earning about Rs. 17 Lacs. Research also revealed that Phsyically active People felt as good about themselves as those earning Rs. 17 Lacs in a Year.

Many Things were taken Consideration

In the Research published in the Journal Lassent, The researchers aked the participants about their income and choose one of the 75 types of Physical Activities. These ranged from Lawn cleaning, Baby sitting, Cycling, Weight lifting and Running.
Also, many important questions were also asked from the participants like How tired did they feel in the last 30 Days

Felt too Tired for not Exercising

Researchers found that daily Exercisers felt exhauted for about  35 days in a Year, while those who  did not Exercise felt tired for 58 days.
Adam Chekround of Yale University says that Exercising too much can also have a calming effect, because Physical Activity can improve our mental health for a limited time only.

Note! Over three Hours of Workout Harmful

Research also revealed that those who Exercised for more than three hours had worse mood than those who were less active. Exercises that would improve People's mood included Arrobics, Cycling and Gym activites.

So People should do their favourite Exercise to improve themselves.

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