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30 August 2019

How To Manage Life Between Love And Hate

How To Manage Life Between Love And Hate

It is said that LOVE and HATE are two sides of the same Coin. Love is full of Positiveness and Energy, On the contrary Hate is full of Negativity and Anger. 
Why does it happen that once in a while we fall in Love, We Hate it after some time. Let's know How To Manage Life Between Love And Hate .

Life between Love and Hate

* Recognize Love :

We have a Loving Relationship with many People!  With our Parents, Siblings, Friends and beloved Girlfriend. Emotion is also different for all of Them. 
The one we love always want their Happiness, There is no ill - will  or resentment for them. 
It is enough to be in our lives. American author and thinker Daniel Kardwale says that '' We always Love the Heart, in contrast  the feeling of hate arises from the Brain. "

''Is it possible that a Brother who want his younger brother for Life at one time, is so upset about something that he will be ready to take his life.'' 

Neurobiolist and Researcher Somer Jack says that '' The wiring that generates Love and Hate in a brain is the same."

Writer and Sociologist Pazil Palmerose interprets this feeling somewhat differently, " Love is at the level of Spirit and Hate is at the level of Emotion. "

* Hate is not always Negative :

Love that turns into Hate often has some reasons behind it. The biggest reason is a  breakdown of Hope or breakdown of Trust. 
Some psychologist also beleive that the Pain or Depression arising from the unsuccessful Love is not always Negative!

Some People make it their Strength and stand on the front with impossible. whether it is Love or Hate, both these feelings generate Energy in the Body. The energy generated by love helps man to climb the stairs of Success. It also act as a Protective shield. 

The use of the same Energy emanting from Negative Emotions reaches the thresold of becoming Violent. Often, the Victims of this Violence are the ones who created this Feeling. 
Pemil says that " This feeling is so Strong that it can never be Erased."

SunShine of Life! 

The structure of our society is such that we always stay between our People. The scope of our Thinking is make worse because of these. We need to imbibe any relationship with full dignity. Without Expectation and Selfishness. 

If Your Relationship is slefless, then there is no reason for it to deteriorate into a Relationship later. The pause between Love and Hate is Forgiveness. 

All Motivational Speakers ask to start the day with an Apology. By forgiving You will be free from all Negative Feelings.

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