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10 August 2019

How to stay Fit in Night shift Duty

These days, The trend of Working in night shift is increasing. During this time People eat many things when they are Hungry.
But in recent Research, Scientists have said that People Working in Night shift should eat Light Food instead of Heavy Food at Night.


University of south Australia Researchers have done such research for the First Time!
In which it has been analyzed how eating patterns affect Performance during Work.
They found that a Light Breakfast is better for those Working in the Night shifts than Heavy meals like Sandwiches or Curries.
Scientists said that People who eat Light snacks in the Night shift respond quickly to any Problem. In contrast, People who eat Heavy Food Start to Sleep. 
Millions of People working in Night shifts Complain that their diet has dteriorated due to eating at Night. Research has shown that Nurses who work mostly in Late shifts are more likely to get Fat.

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