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29 August 2019

Make Criticism A Source Of Confidence

Make Criticism A Source Of Confidence

Often bad memories are refreshed as soon as You hear the word CRITICISM . We remember the time when someone  Criticized us without any valid reason. But do you know that CRITICISM is important for our Personal Development. Actually it depends on How we take it.

CRITICISM helps us to understand Relationships, Proformance in Jobs, without which We can not improve Our Life. Often we take  CRITICISM as Personal Attack. In such a situation, either we get buried under it or reject it completely.

What is Criticism ????


We usually look at the word CRITICISM in two ways! 
We either consider it to be an expression of disbelief or understand the merits and demerits of something. Bad Criticism also helps if there is truth in it. For example, If someone tells you that your dress is bad then perhaps he has one thing to say. Our attire matters in the working enviroment , it helps us gain Respect from around. 

Devastating Criticism

It is often as if You are Stupid or Ugly. It's main purpose is to humiliate You. Such criticisms are usually unsafe and have low self esteem. Those who criticize like this do not control their Emotions. They feel the need to control Others to be Happy. They see Life as a Victory  and Defeat.

Constructive Criticism

This is the criticism that we get from our Teachers, Role Models and Bosses. It is meant to help us learning important lessons. A person with such criticism usually has good intentions. Most of the industries rely on Constructive Criticism to improve their Product or Services. 
This Criticism helps us to grow Personal.

 Mixed Criticism

It is a mixed form of both Good and Bad Criticism. Such critic really want to help you, But they also want to keep You down. Their motive is usually to control You.  


Most of us know that we ourselves are not very good. It happens when we compare ourselves to Others. Criticsm at a higher level can serve as a Personal self  inspection.  Then we can examine  our Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors more thoroughly. 

How To Handle Criticism

'' This is an important Life skill that Practicing lead us to Betterment. "

* Check Your Feelings

When someone Criticizes You, Pay attention to Your feelings and avoid the temptation to React. While listening to the Critic, Start wondering if there is something in it that You can Learn.

* Consider the Source

Identifying the source of Criticism determines how correct it is. A great Professor can Criticize You keeping in Mind your Best Future!  But those who do not know You, It is not necessory that their Criticism is right for you. 

Note : Criticism is the essential response that we get from our enviroment while Learning. It helps us to understand ourselves, without this we can never improve Our Life. Everything is either an opportunity to Grow or the obstacle that stops You from Growing.

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