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01 August 2019

What is more Important PASSION or MONEY

I Accept MONEY is a powerful thing it Builds Empires and breaks down Kingdom, it allows for Dreams to come true and it takes other away, it makes some people Happy and Others completely Miserable. There is nothing worse than having to woke up every morning during the week mindlessly go do work you don't even care about.

But in PASSION We feel FREEDOM, Maybe in the begining We can Face many Struggles but YOU mus know in Your PASSION  You can relate more to the Work and come up with better Ideas. No Obstacle will stop YOU from Achieving Success.


When I was passed My Xth Class, My Parents was said to Me to Choice Science Stream but I was Planning to Choice Humanities Stream..
My Parents said " You must Choice SCIENCE because You can do  Best in Medical Field but I was not Agree because I was plan to Take Humanities and  after XII th Class My Choice was to take Admission in B.A LL.B. ( Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law )  5 Years Integrated Course!
but My parents was thinking I got good Marks so I must Choice SCIENCE, but they was not able to understand My Choice but
 after many Requests they understand and they allowed to me take Admission in Humanities.. and You must know in XI th Class and XII th Class I passed with First Divison in MY class and whole Humanities Stream. 
Then I was so Happy because now I was able to take Admission in B.A LL.B  because B.A LL.B. was Passion because I was love that..
Law Profession was PASSION.  Now Im in LAW Profession & I'm very Happy with My PASSON.

I just want to say, Remember work does not have to be something that You Hate doing, Stay True to Yourself and always do what makes You HAPPY.


  1. I m so proud of You ,belive me

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