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06 August 2019

What will change in Jammu & Kashmir after Article 370

It's a very Good news for every INDIAN because The BJP lead Central Government on a Historic decision in Monday has abolished '' ARTICLE 370 ''  which gives special status to Jammu & Kashmir.
Except Section 'A' of 370, all other clauses have been anounced to be abolished, Simultaneously this State has been transformed into a Union Territory.

AMIT SHAH also introduced the Jammu & Kashmir Recognization bill and the Jammu & Kashmir reservation second Amendment Bill.

Due to his Decision many major Changes will be made in Jammu & Kashmir --

1. The resolution to remove Article 370 only cause one will remain in force (35- A).

2.  Jammu & Kashmir will have two pieces.

3. Ladakh will be a separate union territory but assembly will not be.

4. The Union Territory  will be with the Jammu & Kashmir legislative  Assembly!


* Porposal to divide Jammu & Kashmir into Two parts,

The Government introduce the Jammu & Kashmir recognization bill 2019 which divides Jammu & Kashmir two parts in the Rajya Sabha on Monday it is purpose to separate Ladakh into a Union Territory!

* Jammu & Kashmir will be ReStructured,

Amit Shah introduced the Jammu & Kashmir State Recognization bill 2019 in the rajya sabha. Home Minister Announced the formation of the Union Territory for Ladakh where there will be no Assembly like Chandigarh.

* Then & Now Article 370 Deletions,

1. First there was dual citizenship in Jammu & Kashmir now All  citizens of INDIA will be.

2. Section 356  was not applicable in Jammu & Kashmir, Now Section 356  will Apply.

3. Previously Governor used to have the  Right to Rule, Now President  will have the Right to Rule.

4. Minorities did not get the reservations in the state Now Minorities will get Reservations!

5. The first state police had reported to CM, Now will be Under the Governer!

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