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27 August 2019

Will Nap Increase Our Working Efficiency

Will Nap Increase Our Efficiency

It has been revealed in the recent Survey that People can Improve their Work by taking a Nap during Work. Online Sleep Solution Startup Wakefit did this Survey. 
In it Survey, Wakefit included 1500 People in the Survey named '' Right to Work Naps ''. 
The question that comes to mind from this Survey, Will Nap Increase Our Working Efficiency

* According to this Survey, 70% of the People did not have Room (Naps Room) to Sleep at their WorkPlace! 

* The same 86% People say that having a Nap Room at the workplace will definitely improve Working Efficiency.

* According to the Survey, 41% of People are Struggling with Incomplete Sleep due to work Stress and  Working late at Night.

* Co- Founder of Wakefit & Director Chaitnya Ramlinga Gaur says that in the country when we were affected by sleep due to work, We realized that the Nap Room was necessary at the Workplace.

* The survey revealed that  31% of People had poor sleep at night due to continuous Work concerns. 

* While 20% of the People felt sleepy at work all the time and 51%  of the People stayed asleep most of the time.


Wakefit's annual survey revealed that 80% of People felt sleepy at work one to three days a week. However, Coffee and Tea played an important role in removing sleep of the People.
During the survey , 33% of People demanded Companies to set up a Nap Room to focus on Work.

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