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19 September 2019

How To Become A Perfectionist

How To Become A Perfectionist

You do a great Job,  You do not tolerate a hundred percent less work, There is no problem in this.
The problem is when You can't do anything because of this. Then it is important to ask YourSelf  whether it is PERFECT  or any false Cover.

Kept Working, Perfection Will Also Come

He congratulated her on the new book, But on hearing this, Why don't you write sir ??? 
Their style changed.  He said,  '' Dude, I want to write something Good, I can't write like that. I will write Well if I write. ''

Those who think like this are Everywhere. Our work should be Perfect. But thinking of this, most People are stuck in work, They are left Working.

We all want to see Perfection in our Work, We feel Better when all say Good about our Work.  It is not Wrong to expect good work from YourSelf. 

But it is wrong to be afraid or failure, not do allow  YourSelf mistakes. According to Psychologists, Fear of defeat lies at the core of most Perfections! Intially We avoid making mistakes. Slowly We avoid doing anything. 

This Habit is Harmful !!!

In the post 1980 Generation, The desire for Perfect Life and Lifestyle has increased. Image, Reputation, Money and Material comforts have become attached to our own importance. 

According to social Psychologist Thomas Curren, ''The burden of Perfection at every level of Social Media, School, Office leads the Youth towards many mental diseases like Depration, Restlessness etc. 
They are feeling prey to Emotions, We are trying to prove Ourselves useful instead of doing the work Properly.''

Being a PERFECTIONIST is a Specialty. But because of this You always under Stress, We are unable to do anything, Our work is stopped or We continue to make shortcomings in  Others, Then the problem increases. 

In this way, This harmful cycle of Perfectionism works at Three Levels.
1. First, We expect air from ourselves, 
2. Second, Society expects everyone to Perform well.
3. Third,  We keep expecting right and good work from Others.

Continuous Improvement Required

There is always room for improvement in whatever we do. American Footballer Antonio Brown says, ''The Journey never Stops, Progress, Improvement and Challanges come in Life.
It is in our Hands that We continue to do our work diligently. Keeping on better and better, that's the Perfection. 

Meaning, We are constantly engaged, keeping ourselves better. There is no need to consume a lot of Energy in Work.
Sometimes it is enough to complete the work on time instead of doing it very Well. 
There is scope to fix the work even later. This applies everywhere. 

Kept Working, Be Happy

* Don't expect air.
* Make the Right Goals, Be ready to change your goals according to time and circumstances.
* Work with Plan
* As soon as You understand the mistake, get ready to fix it.
* Build a good Team.
* Please YourSelf, Do what You like.
* Whatever is at hand, Do what you can, Do it Well. 

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