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04 September 2019

What Are The Bad Effects Of Shiny Tattoo

Nowadays the Trend of getting Tattoo is in full Swing. Everyone is getting different types of Tattoos in their Hands, Neck and Other parts of the Body to look Attractive!
But these Tattoos are not just an Ink on the Skin, But also they cause Allergies in Your Skin. 
So let's know that, What Are The Bad Effects Of Shiny Tattoo .

What Do Scientists Say

According to Scientists Brightly colored Tattoos can leak Heavy metals into Your Lymph Nodes and they can do Allergies  in Your Body by their Ink. 
In a new study, it has been found that small metal particles enter your skin with a needle that makes Tattoos! And the Lymph Nodes begin to Transmit, this causes Allergic Problems!

Small Metal Particles Found in Lymph Node :

Scientists at the European Synchrotron Radition Facility in Grenoble, France, Found Nikal and Cromium metal in the Lymph Node of the Tattooers.

These metals are Allergic. When a colored material is used to make a Tattoo, These metals start flowing through the Tattoo Needle.
White colored Ink is called Titanium Dioxide mixed in Bright colors like Indigo, Green and Red. 

TATTOO Craze in America :

Tattooing has become increasingly popular in the USA. It is very Crazy especially among Teenagers and Youth. 
A search by the PU Search Center found that 40 percent of People between the ages of  18 and 29 have got at least one Tattoo. 
Half of the People in the Group said that Two to Five Tattoos remain on their Bodies. 
While 18 percent of the People had six or More Tattoos on their Body.

Reaction is common after Tattooing.  Most people complain of Redness, swelling and Rashes on the area around the Tattoo. 
A survey was done by New York University in 2015.  It involved 300 People from New York who got Tattoos, More than 10 Percent of them had a Reaction. 

So Our Suggestion is that while making the Tattoo, Check all the equipments  Properly and get the Tattoo done safely.
So that You never have to face Skin and Allergy related Problems.


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  2. I personally don't like shiny tattoo. Its not eye catching one! according to tattoo Design Inc survey 90% people don't prefer to get