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01 September 2019

What Are Hormones And Why Their Balance Is Important ?

The effect of the slightest disturbances in the balance of HORMONES begins to appear on our Hunger, Sleep and Stress levels. An imbalance means that either a Hormone is produced in the Body more or less. It is important to Correct it in Time.

Whar are Hormones ?

Hormones are chemicals made from the Endocrine gland that reach other parts of the Body through the blood and give them messages for different purposes. 
Increasing and Decreasing of small amount of Hormones causes the metabolism of  the body cells. 
There are total of 230 Hormones in the Human Body. Many Hormones also control the Formatiom and Secretion of other Hormones.

Hormones may be disturbed due to Age, Excess Stress, unHealthy lifestyle, excessive intake od steroid drugs overweight.

How do Hormones Affect ???

Impact on Women :

The physical structure of Women is Complicated. Research says that about 50 Percent of Women have Hormonal imbalance of their lives. Start of Menstruation, Pregnancy and Impause conditions can lead to many Problems. 

Impact on Men :

Problems due to imbalance of Hormones in Men are seen as Stress, Irritability, Loss of Sexual Desire, More or Less Hair growth of Beard or mustache etc. 

Impact on Children

Undue Obesity, Unbalanced growth of the Body. Lack of Hormones causes Plasti Ovary Sandrome in Adolescents. Testicals do not develop completely in Teenagers. 

Signs of Imbalance

* UnReasonable Weight gain, Back Fat gain.
* Feeling Tired all the Time.
* Feeling Sleepy or not Sleepy at all. 
Gas, Constipation and Indigestion.
* Stress and Increase anxiety.
Excessive Sweating, Excessive Thirst and Excessive Cold or Hot.
* Hair loss, Premature whiting, Beard thickening etc. 
* Irritable temperament.

What to Eat or not to Eat !!

Not to Eat

Adrenal gland of Women becomes more active due to consumption of Tea, Coffee and Cold Drink. Causing secretion of Hormones. 

Junk Food and some Other Foods that have high level of Callries should be avoided. Take Nutritious diet, so that the Body gets Vitamins, Minerals and Protein. 

That's Why......

 What to Eat 

i)  Increase the amount of fresh Fruits and Vegetables in the diet, such as Carrot and Cabbage.

ii) Thionine is a natural element found in Green Tea which balances Hormones. 

iii) Include Oats and Yogurt in the diet.

iv) Do not let the body lack water. 

v) Drink coconut water.

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