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01 October 2019

Is Financial Crisis The Reason For Getting Old Quickly ??

Is Financial Crisis The Reason For Getting Old Quickly ???

People get Old quickly due to Financial Constraints
Those who go through Crisis even for Four years of adult Life, Their chance of getting old quickly increases compared to other People. A recent research has Claimed. This Research analyzes the impact of economic stress on aging. 

From this Research, It is thought to come in our mind that whether Financial Crisis is the Reason for getting Old quickly ??

In this Content We will Learn about this....


Physical Ability becomes Weak

Early aging means People who are Physically less capable than others at the same level of Life. 
These People may also have markers causing impaired cognitive function and high level of inflammation in their Blood.
Scientists link the inflammation causing markers in the blood, such as C reactive Protein and IL 6 to many diseases. Including Infections and Cancer. 
Researchers at the University of Compenhegan Public Health Department of Denmark Studied to see '' Are middle aged Adults struggling with Financial constraints more adversely affected than those struggling with Financial Constraints ''.

This Research has been published in the European General of Aging.
In the study, People of lower income group were included in the standard of Economic tightness. 
In this Case, Those whose income was 60 percent below the National average of 22 years were included. 
Researchers Studied 5,575 middle - aged Adults. 
Among them, 18 percent of the participants were those who suffered Financial Crisis from 1987 to 2008. 

Researchers measured the rapid progression of Age according to Physical and Cognitive Activities. 
Researchers found that those who had lived in poverty for Four years or more Performed worse than those who did not suffer from Financial Constraints.

Facing Poverty At A Young Age Does not Matter !!!

Another fact has come out in his Research that at a Young Age, due to poverty for some time, Age does not Increase rapidly.
However, at a later Age, due to loss of Job or due to some other reason, Financially Aged people start growing Rapidly. 

This shows that the Financil constraints due to higher education or short term jobs at a Young Age are less than the Troubles caused at the Later age.

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