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07 January 2020

What Can I Do To Make Myself Happy

What Can I Do To Make MySelf Happy ???

What is it that You really want in Your Life ?????
Everyone's Answer to this Question may be Different, But this will be Their Wish to be Happy.
It is important to Understand Happiness if You want Happiness.
This Journey of Happiness can have many Floors! With this New Trend of the Year, Which Pearls should You choose in Your Bag to be Happy.
Let's Know with Inspirypen 

What Else Do You Want to Live...

The Conversation of a Father and Child, Which went Viral on Social Media, Discribes the needs of Life in a very Unique way. 
In that Story a Child ask his Busy Father, '' Dad,  How much do you Earn in a Minute ? ''
Father says in Response in Rs. 100.
The Child break his piggy bank and bring Rs. 500 and says, '' Can I Buy Your Five minutes ? ''

In this Story, The Child's Happiness is Father's Love and Father's Happiness is the Protection of his Family's Present and Future.

True, Everyone's Happiness is Different, but often We do not know What we want ?
Experts believed that a lot of Spices are not required in Happiness recipe. Let us Know that Happiness....

Your Happiness Is Related To Health

If you are not Healthy with Your mind and Body, then despite everything in Life, You cannot be Happy.
Without a Healthy Body, It is difficult to get the Things You need in this Life.
According to a Survey by the American Department of Health and Human Services, '' Due to UnHealthy food and Low Physical Activity of the American People, that obesty has become a Stumbling block. ''
One Third of American Adults Have 33.8% Obesity. And it is also having a Negative impact on their Lives. 
So would You like to live such a Life ? If You want to fulfill Your Goal without any Hindrance then make Good Health the Goal of Your Life.  
If someone eats Well, Does Yoga and Excercise and Take full care of his Routine, then there is no Room for any kind of Stress! 

Don't Forget YourSelf 

If there is a Lack of Self Love ie Self Love in  your life, Negative feelings like Anger, Lack of Trust, Irritability keep dominating you.
If you are think of getting Love from others in Love then first You have to love yourself.

If You Love Yourself, You have a lot of Love to give Others. The Law of Attraction only Works when you love yourself. And you get love from everyone in your life.
Then more and more People come in Your Life who Love You, Like You and Respect You. 

Invest In Relationships

According to Clinical Psychologist Kevin Jylland,  If You want Good mental and Phsyical Health in the long run, then first of all you have to see You must have Good Relationship.
A 79 year study by Howard University found that Our Relationships and the Happiness We get from them have a very Positive effect on our Health. 

Love filled meaningful Relationships not only add value to our lives but also make us Healthy. 
Strong Personal Relationships lead us to Happiness. Now You must have understood  what is the importance of Family Relationships and Friends in the Journey of Happiness. 

Confidence For Success

Your Self Confidence attracts you to better chances of Career and Success in  life. If You look Good then Confidence also increases, When Confidence increases then the sense of Self Respect also Increases.

So you accept what you are Recognize the Power inside. Change happen  as soon as You are able to Touch and understand your inner being.
By doing this You will be able to Face every Challenges in Life easily. 

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Life Without Goals

It is important to have a Goal in Life, Because Goals gives you the direction, then there is no deviation.
Like, If You know which work to complete Today, then you plan it and then complete it at the Right Time. 
So to be Happy everyday, make a goal of everyday and Try to fulfill it.

What Does Psychology say...

The famous Psychologist Abraham Maslow found the basic needs necessory for the Satisfaction and Happiness of all Human Being are five levels...

Level 1: Phsyical Survival -  Under this Food, Water, Shelter, Sleep and Oxygen are included, If one of this Requirements is not met, then it affects the interests of the Person.
A cold, Hungry, Patient Person will not show interest in Learning anything or Socializing or Reducing it. 

Level 2 : Phsyical Security Requirement -  When the requirements of Leve one are Fulfilled then the Feeling of Feeling safe in this World raises Head. If it is not fulfilled then Man starts living in Fear and does not do any other Work.
It is necessory for our full development that Human remain fear free.

Level 3 : Love and need to be Related -  Then comes Love, Affection, and the need to Relate to someone. This is the Result of Sociality of  us Human. 
If the Requirement of this Level is not fulfilled, Then You feel Boredom in Life. Then even if You are a successful Person in Your Work. 

Level 4 : Sense of Self Required - Barring a few exceptions, People need to know their own importance. This is called the Self Respect. It can be defined as Respect and Self Respect from Others. 

Level 5 : Self Satisfaction - When You meet your first four requirements, the need for Self Satisfaction comes. It is related to what you can become with Your full capabilities. 

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